On 28.07.2012 23:43 Stephen P. King said the following:
On 7/28/2012 4:23 PM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
Now I have found the original paper by McTaggart in Internet:



Dear Evgenii,

Never would I cast aspersions upon McTaggart, but what he actually
proved was not the "unreality of time"; for Reality is what which is
 incontrovertible to all intercommunicating observers. What McTaggart
 proved was the non-existance of an observational stance that might
allow all moments of time to be apprehended simultaneously. His work
can be seen as a reiteration of the truth that Einstein was able to
show us with his General theory of Relativity.


I do not see how Einstein could describe the transition from being to becoming. Einstein's four-dimensional timespace does not have changes. This is the reason why Popper has called him once as four-dimensional Parmenides.

In Einstein's general theory of relativity, one could after all introduce the B-series. Yet, the A-series are not there.


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