On 7/30/2012 2:19 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
The Boltzman brains , according with what i have read, are completely different beasts. Boltzman pressuposes, that , since no random arrangement of matter is statistically impossible, and Boltzman demonstrated it in certain conditions (ergodic conditions) , with enough time, some arrangements of matter would simulate minds, or even worlds and civilizations. But 15.000 Million years, that is the age of the universe is not enough.

Boltzman was considering the question of how the universe came to be in its state of low entropy. I could be due to a random fluctuation. And it was more probable that the random fluctuation simply produced the universe as we see than a fluctuation that produced a big bang universe which then evolved into what we see. And extending this line of thought further, a fluctuation that merely created a brain along with the illusion of this universe was still more probable (i.e. less improbable).

Sean Carroll has a good discussion of this and why this argument does not hold for a multiverse, in his book "From Infinity to Here".


The Boltzman mechanism lies in random events. the process of natural selection instead select random events and create designs more fast. Seen from a mathematical four dimensional perspective,, or better, in what the phisicist call a phase space, adaptations may be seen as attractors in a chaotic evolution. boltzman evolutions are pure chaotic.

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