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> I have even never met a christian in Europa who is a literalist theist.

I'm not surprised that a European feels that way, if you don't count
Antarctica it is the least religious spot on the surface of the Earth; but
if a Christian is not a theist then he's a Christian in name only. In
America I have never in my life met a Christian who was NOT a literal
theist, not once. I'm the opposite of that, I'm a a-theist.

> Only the american creationists. For the others it is a legend,

Bruno, I hate to break it to you but in America creationists are not rare,
in the country with the most powerful military machine the world has ever
seen most people think the Universe is less than 6 thousand  years old
because that's what the Bible says. With a bunch like that do you really
think I can say "I believe in Spinoza's God" and not expect to be massively
misinterpreted? If they know anything at all about Spinoza, and they
probably don't, it's that he was Jewish; they'd probably ask me what
synagogue I go to.
> I think that saint Thomas, well appreciated by the Church, makes already
clear that God cannot be both omnipotent and omniscient.

He also wondered if God could make a rock so heavy He couldn't lift it, but
Thomas concluded that God was omnipotent anyway and the idea wasn't self
contradictory, he had no idea why it wasn't self contradictory but he had
faith it wasn't and God just made it work somehow. God works in mysterious
ways and similar Bullshit flavored cop-outs.

> > I have never met a Christian who believe literally that Jesus is a
> particular son of God. It is a legend.

Even by European standards you must hang around with some very very unusual

> You share with the Christian the definition of God,

Yes and it's right and just that I do. After all Christians and other
religious people are the main users of God, they invented God and have a
patent on Him so they have the right to define Him as they see fit; and I
have the right to say they're full of shit for doing so.

  John K Clark

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