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With complete information, a totally rational being makes optimal choices,

There is no rational reason to pick life over death, I happen to prefer
life but others have, or rather had, a different opinion and there is no
disputing matters of taste. Rationality can tell you the way to pursue
goals that gives you the best chance of achieving them but it can not pick
goals for you, you must pick them yourself and you pick them for a reason
or you pick them for no reason.

> and has no free will

And has no klogknee either, and my proof of that is every bit as good as
yours is about "free will".

> but always beats an irrational being.

Yes if he uses induction, statistics and rules of thumb, he will not always
be right but will be so more than random chance.

> Conversely, with incomplete information, a rational being will make a
> wrong choice

He might make a wrong choice but he might get lucky and he will get lucky
more often if he is rational. Luck favors a prepared mind.

> or simply fail to make a choice at all

Sometimes walking away from a bet would be the rational choice if the
reward for being right is small and the penalty for being wrong is large;
and sometimes any choice is better than no choice at all, so if you can't
do better the rational thing to do would be flip a coin.

  John K Clark

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