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Is it possible to say that compatibilism is equivalent to Leibniz' pre-established harmony?

Thiscan be *one* interpretation of Leibniz' pre-established harmony, but I doubt it is necessarily the only one. With comp you can interpret the pre-established harmony by the arithmetical truth, but to be honest, the harmony break down. The arithmetical truth can be considered as pre-established, but it is messy, infinitely complex, and beyond *all* theories, even theories of everything, provably so if comp is postulated.


Dear Bruno,

Given this remark about the PEH, do you agree with me that even though arithmetic truth is prior, that it is not accessible without physical actions?

This depends of what you mean by "physical action" and "accessible". With comp you can define the physical reality by what is observable by all numbers in arithmetic, and you can define the physical laws by what is observable and invariant for all observers in arithmetic.

(and UDA suggests to define (in AUDA) "observable-with-P = 1" by
sigma_1, provable and consistent.
For P ≠ 1, you can drop "provable".

Note that "observable by numbers" is a short way to say "observable by the person supported by a number relatively to its most probable universal number (neighborhood).

Then you can define sensible by sigma_1, provable, consistent and true. Observable leads to quanta, and sensible leads to qualia at the "G* level". (Careful: that notion of "level" is NOT related to the substitution level notion).


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