Religion deals with the unchanging Kingdom of Heaven: the eternal logic of 
Plato, final causes. Eternal truth, 
not contingent facts. Either and always Yes or No.

Science  deals with the Kingdom of Earth: the contingent world of Aristotle and 
Contingent facts, not eternal truth. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

The other remarks of yours are mankind's mistaken views of both. 

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On 17 Aug 2012, at 21:06, meekerdb wrote:

On 8/17/2012 11:32 AM, Roger wrote: 
Hi guys,

Regarding Descartes.....

There has always been, and still is, a turf war between science and religion,
each wanting to claim superiority over the other. And there's a bit of fear
because most people believe that there's only one truth or that truth comes in 
only one form,
either in science or in the Bible. 

WHOA! Talk about parochial.  I guess Roger hasn't heard of the Quran, the Tao, 
the Eightfold Way, Dianetics, Wicca, the Torah,... 

The interesting thing is that wars are fought over divine TRUTHs, be not over 
scientific knowledge.

It is the same, as you can see through history. Just that scientific knowledge 
impose itself in the shorter run than fundamental knowledge.

Science is just an attitude of modesty, religion is the belief that, not 
science, but what science tries to handle, makes sense, and it motivates 
(fundamental) research.

Of course humans, and even nature, perverts science and religion all the time 
for reason of dishonest selfish special local short term interests. That's part 
of life.


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