On 9/2/2012 9:09 AM, John Clark wrote:
6) Evolution has no foresight: This is the most important reason of all.
    A jet engine works better than a prop engine in an airplane. I give you a
    prop engine and tell you to turn it into a jet, but you must do it while
    the engine is running, you must do it in one million small steps, and you
    must do it so every one of those small steps immediately improves
the operation
    of the engine. Eventually you would get an improved engine of some
sort, but it
    wouldn't look anything like a jet.

Good exposition. But it's not the case every small step must be an improvement. It's sufficient that it not be a degradation.

"What designer would put a recreational area between two waste disposal sites?"
   --- Woody Allen, on Intelligent Design

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