Hi Stephen P. King 

IMHO I would put it that life begets life, no means required.

Just as at Christmas time in church we pass a flame
from one candle to another.

Creation was like an ignition of life like a flame,
like lighting a match.


Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him 
so that everything could function."
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On 9/3/2012 10:22 AM, Roger Clough wrote:

Hi Stephen P. King 

1) The pre-established harmony is beyond the laws of physics.
For nothing is perfect in this contingent world. The preestablished
harmony was designed before the beginning of gthe world,
and since God is good, presumably gthe pre-established
harmony is the best possible one in a contingent world.

Hi Roger,

    One cannot make claims that are self-contradictions. Creation can not 
happen if the means that allow the creation are not available prior to the 

One indication is the sheer improbability of the structure of the 
physical universe so that life is possible. 

I liken it to a divine musical composition with God as the
conductor, and various objects playing parts in harmony.

2) The monads have no windows, so they are all  blind.
The perceptions are images are provided by God, or the Supreme monad,
the only one able to see all and know all. Each monad
is provided with a continually updated view of the perceptions\
all all of the mother monad perceptions, so it k nows everything
in the universe from its own point of view.

3) I have been criticized for calling the monadic structure as tree-like,
and I could be wrong.  But as I understand them, the monads 
can be described by category theory if that's the right word,
since each substance can be desribed by its predicates and
presumably the predicates have predicates and
so on.

Since all of the monads necessarily are within the supreme
monad, it would be the root of the tree. Of course a tree
with an infinite number of branches and subbranches, etc.




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