Pre-established harmony & comp in relation to Platonia and Contingia

I would also like to suggest that the pre-established harmony (PEH)
of Leibniz is more complex but still acts as Leibniz intended,
while one might apply traditional cosmological concepts to it.
Perhaps someone with more physics (and brains) than I
could use this to roughly specify what the PEH is.
In the traditional understanding it would simply be the
decay of order into disorder. Note that Penrose has
looked recently into the issue of how large the entropy
can get. See the series starting at

I believe that entropy begins to eventually
diminish as gravity. 

It may be that comp and the Turing machine have analogous

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Subject: Platonia and Contingia 

Platonia and Contingia  

We are all somewhat familiar with Platonia, 
the Platonic source of order in the world.  

I suggest that there must also be Contingia, 
that being our contingent, everyday world, which, 
following Boltzmann and the concept of entropy, 
is the source of disorder. 

I would also like to suggest that Platonic causation 
is goal-oriented, also referred to by Aristotle as end causation, 
and favors life, while in Contingia, causation is that of 
everyday determinism, which tends to create disorder, 
entropy, decay and death. 

Then there will always be two opposing forces, one 
of order (Platonia) and one of disorder or entropy (Contingia).  

Roger Clough,  
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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