On 10/1/2012 4:02 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

The whole *is* very often more than the parts. Non Löbian entities can create/emulate the Löbian entities. That is why we can take a very simple whole as ontology, be it a tiny arithmetic without induction axioms, or a differential equation (like SWE), and then interview the Löbian entities appearing there.

This is what make explanations possible. Many seem to want matter and consciousness primitive, because they don't accept that we can explain them from non material and non conscious things. But we can do that, even if that includes some part necessarily obscure, for logical reason, as there is an arithmetical blind spot for arithmetical creatures.


Hi Bruno,

It makes sense for this to be true because if we can interact with something, that something can interact with us. If knowledge or explanation is a form of interaction, it makes sense that there is a symmetrical relation involved. The mutual partial blind spot may be a place where something hides.



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