Bruno and all,

I have not infrequently brought up the need for a "self"
in your models. Why do you need to include a self or 1p
in your models ?

There are two ways of looking at something:

a) the objective material, which is the raw material
without an observer. The impersonal, scientific version.
This is just "stuff" and it has no meaning
by itself. Peirce called it Firstness.

b) a subjective account of the material, which
is the meaning of the "stuff". It is the objective
material filtered through an individual's consciousness.
I think that is somehow related to 1p. It is
the "stuff" as experienced, the meaning of the stuff.
>From a particular point of view, such as an individual
monad would perceive. 

Secondness is the meaning of the experience to the individual,
or Firstness from a particular point of view. 

Thirdness is Secondness expressed to others.

I think that looking at the raw stuff without filtering
it through an individual's "eyes"-- the objective account--
will not completely tell you how well that raw account
emulates life.  You need to 1p filter it to get its meaning.

Roger Clough, 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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