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Please explain why the criticism of Dennett is wrong.
This is another drive-by shooting of yours.

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On 10/25/2012 5:17 AM, Roger Clough wrote:  
2) Dennett on qualia 

"In Consciousness Explained (1991) and "Quining Qualia" (1988),[19] Daniel 
Dennett offers an argument against qualia that attempts to  
show that the above definition breaks down when one tries to make a practical 
application of it. In a series of thought experiments,  
which he calls "intuition pumps," he brings qualia into the world of 
neurosurgery, clinical psychology, and psychological experimentation.  
His argument attempts to show that, once the concept of qualia is so imported, 
it turns out that we can either make no use of it in the  
situation in question, or that the questions posed by the introduction of 
qualia are unanswerable precisely because of the special 
properties defined for qualia." 

Is this the height of arrogance or what ? Dennett essentially says 
that qualia do not exist because he cannot explain them 

It's not as arrogant as quoting a criticism of Dennett and attributing it to 


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