On 10/26/2012 6:19 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Well, in defense of Craig, or of the devil, this has not been proved. The problem occurs, or at least is "easy" to prove only when we make the digital assumption. This entails a truncation of the subject, local and relative (its mind code) which by the MGA is incapable to distinguish the arithmetical from the real/analytical or substantial. If you introduce special (very special) infinities in both mind and matter, a non comp and materialist theory of mind an matter is not (yet) excluded.

You've mentioned this several times.  Can you explain these infinities and how 
they function?

Also, the comp theory of consciousness makes it effective,

What does "it" refer to?..."comp theory" or "consciousness"?


even in the materialist framework. The only thing not effective is the notion of substance, and eventually (globally), of physics (that is highly counter-intuitive, but can be understood in the big 'non physical' picture, where we cannot 'add physics" and have to retrieve it from arithmetic and/or computer science.

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