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Hi Stephen:

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Hi Stephen:

pAP1 is #8 of the discussion initiating posts

8) Conclusion (2): Once life is present it will immediately punch as
many holes in as many Energy Hang-up Barriers as the details of the
particular life entity involved allows - this is how it realizes its
energy flow conduit character.  This is the "purpose" of life herein.
In other words life's purpose is to hasten the heat death of its host
Dear Hal,

      Is "heat death" truly real or a necessary concept?

Well the term has been around for awhile but I have not seen a proposed end
state or series of end states of the universe in which the ability to run a
heat engine does not become zero or asymptotically approach it.


Dear Hal,

What consequences would there be is the Universe (all that exists) is truly infinite and eternal (no absolute beginning or end) and what we observe as a finite (spatially and temporally) universe is just the result of our finite ability to compute the contents of our observations? It is helpful to remember that thermodynamic arguments, such as the heat engine concept, apply only to closed systems. It is better to assume open systems and finite resolving power (or equivalently finite computational abilities) for observers.



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