Hi Stepen:

Interesting post.

I indicated in the initiating posts that life should rapidly appear where
the conditions supporting it are found.

I suspect that in most cases the sphere of influence for a particular
instance of a biosphere is small when compared to the size of the universe.
Therefore I propose to change "heat death" to "operative heat death" re your
"finite resolving power" for observers.  This should allow for the
possibility of an "open" universe.  

I am also considering changing "purpose of life" to "function of life".



Dear Hal,

     What consequences would there be is the Universe (all that exists) is
truly infinite and eternal (no absolute beginning or end) and what we
observe as a finite (spatially and temporally) universe is just the result
of our finite ability to compute the contents of our observations? It is
helpful to remember that thermodynamic arguments, such as the heat engine
concept, apply only to closed systems. It is better to assume open systems
and finite resolving power (or equivalently finite computational abilities)
for observers.



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