On 11/7/2012 11:40 AM, Hal Ruhl wrote:
Hi Stephen:

pAP1 is #8 of the discussion initiating posts

8) Conclusion (2): Once life is present it will immediately punch as many
holes in as many Energy Hang-up Barriers as the details of the particular
life entity involved allows - this is how it realizes its energy flow
conduit character.  This is the "purpose" of life herein.  In other words
life's purpose is to hasten the heat death of its host universe.

Dear Hal,

    Is "heat death" truly real or a necessary concept?

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On 11/7/2012 9:38 AM, Hal Ruhl wrote:
Hi Everyone:

This may show up more than once as a few others did.  In recent days I
have had issues with my internet connection.  It has been 16 hours
since I sent this the second time. This time I tried  sending it again
and then again as plain text.  Very sorry if my troubles cause some
At this time I would like to go a bit further re item iii:

iii) Species survival: Life on this planet is in the midst of an
extinction event [not a new idea] that can't be stopped because pAP1
would be the only priority for life.  We may not be extinguished as a
species but we can't exclude ourselves from the extinction because of
pAP1 [fixed typo].  There have been a number of extinction events.
However, evolution has used some of these to produce new life entities
with greater energy hang-up barrier busting ability than the
extinguished ones - new life entities such as ourselves from the K-Pg
iiia) Current Economic Conditions:  The news in this area has been
rather bad for some time.  The most frequently offered solution has
been that national economies and thus the world economy must grow real
GDP.  In fact grow it exponentially or even super exponentially.
Since the planet has only a finite supply of energy - see prior posts
under #2 for energy types - a new trick has to be learned.  However,
the offered solution is in compliance with pAP1.  Thus if pAP1 is
correct then no other solution [new trick] can be offered.  In this
case weep for the children.  I hope someone can falsify pAP1 and anything
near it.


Dear Hal,

      Could you restate pAP1?



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