On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 07:48:57PM -0500, Stephen P. King wrote:
> Hi Russell,
>     I agree with this view, especially the part about the
> compatibility of bases leading to a 'sharing of realities' that then
> gives rise to an illusion of a single classical reality; I just
> phrase the concepts differently. My question to you is how 'simple'
> can an observer be, as a system? It seems to me that even particles
> could be considered as observers. I buy Chalmers' argument for
> panpsychism.

I doubt that very much, as if true, then we should expect to find
ourselves as particles, which is the Occam's catastrophe redux I point
out in my book.

I suspect that as human beings, we rank amongst the simplest of all
possible observers.



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