On 12/17/2012 5:11 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
Taxing the rich does not redistribute the income, it adjusts the expenses so that those who benefit disproportionately from the public resources pay their share for an educated labor force, policed cities, well maintained roads, bridges, ports, airports, the grotesquely hypertrophied military to enforce monopolistic trade policies worldwide, etc.
Hi Craig,

Could explain how it is that it is possible to "proportionally benefit" from public resources? Are you saying that resources are the natural property of the State and not of those willing to do the investment of time and labor to exploit them?

By my logic, if the taxes of the public where taken from individual people, then the public resources belong proportionately to those individuals that paid the taxes. This means that if Fred paid more taxes than Albert then the public resources belong that much more to Fred than Albert. Simple math... How do you calculate "benefit"? I don't understand the collectivization of people into equivalence classes. Numbers are equivalence classes, not people! I am trying to understand your thesis, not saying your wrong. ;-)



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