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> That's like betting that the Catholic Church won't make Martin Luther a
> saint again this year.

I don't see the analogy. The Catholic Church, like all religions, claims to
have all the answers and the last thing they'd want is to dig up difficult
questions; but physicists at CERN have spent 10 billion dollars on a
particle accelerator for the sole purpose of finding something that they
can not explain. And so far, to their considerable disappointment, they
have not been successful.

> If you notice, no private phenomena can be easily substantiated.

If psi were a private phenomena I would have no problem with it, the
problem is that people can't stop blabbing about it and claiming that it
gave them actionable intelligence that they otherwise would not have.

> There won't be any publications proving the fact that we laugh because
> things are funny,

That's because the existence of funny things is not in dispute, and the
non-existence of psi is no longer either.

> Research of psi may indeed be misguided

May? Decades of research with absolutely positively NOTHING to show for it,
not even evidence that there is something there to study, if that isn't
misguided what is?

> it is not likely that the old guard of physics will ever be able to get
> beyond their own prejudice, and will go to their graves hanging on to the
> legacies of the 19th and 20th centuries

And just like today in the 19th century fans of junk science were
complaining that they were not given enough respect by mainstream
scientists, but history has proven that they were given all the respect
they deserved.

By the way, I've been on the everything list for all of 2012 and, although
I strongly disagreed with some of the things said, I marveled that it was
blissfully free of downright junk science. But then just a few days ago at
the beginning of this new year somebody mentioned Rupert Sheldrake and
overnight the IQ of the list dropped by 40 points.

  John K Clark

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