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1) Choose some religion, it doesn't matter which
2) Find an idea some  adherents of that religion put forward but almost no 
one seriously believes in  or is easily shown to be inconsistent
3) Assume that because you have  disproved one idea of one religion that 
all ideas found in all religions are  false and/or unscientific
4) Bask in the feeling of superiority over those  who are not so  


Ok, so in Darwinian fashion you sort through hundreds of faiths, so what  
happens when you cannot dissprove a religion? You sort them down till you hit 
a  toughie, does that make it automatically correct, or is it the 
intellectual  limitation of the sorter? Your Basking, is angering many 
even.  Witness Higg's criticism of Dawkins. Believers, Jason, I suppose 
will merely,  pray for your soul (poor lad!). 
Perhaps if you decided to create your own religion, that couldn't be  
disproved, based on physics, or math, you would be coming up with the best  
faith? Then we could all be converted to being Jasonites. Or Reschers-whichever 
you prefer?

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