About Infinity. / My opinion /
How could mere man comprehend infinity?
Infinity is the cause of the crisis in Physics.

Why is Infinity the cause of the crisis in Physics?
Because we don’t know what infinity is.
The concept of infinite / eternal means nothing to a scientists.
Infinity is no ‘more ‘, ‘ less’, ‘equally’ or  ‘similar’.
The Infinity is something  that could not be compared to anything.
 Considering so, scientists came to conclusion that the
infinity cannot be considered in real processes and they
 proclaimed  unwritten law:
 ‘ If we want that the theory would be correct,
 the infinity should be eliminated’  . . . .  by the
' method of  renormalization '  . . .  about which Feynman wrote
 ' using this method we can  these infinities sweep under a carpet '
and then Feynman asked:
‘ Who can confirm that the infinity conforms with reality of nature?’
  / Book:  The Character of Physical Law.  Lecture 7. /

I will try to explain ‘infinity’ as brief and simple as is possible.
There are billions and  billions Galaxies in the
 Universe, each of which has hundreds of billions of stars.
All these billions and billions Galaxies are divided by space,
 which we call ‘ Vacuum’.
This Vacuum is an  infinite and eternal continuum.
Why Vacuum is infinite ?
Because the sum of masses of all Galaxies (the cosmological
 constant / the critical density ) is as small that it cannot
‘ close’ the whole Universe into sphere and  therefore Universe
  as whole must be  ‘open’, endless, infinite.
Only in some small local parts of this infinite Vacuum continuum
some masses can gather together in an enough quantity to create
 stars, planets . . .etc.
Vacuum continuum is not a simple space
Physicists say that in vacuum ‘virtual particles’ exist and they
 can appear as real particles.  Nobody knows what they are.
Astrophysicists say that ‘dark mass- matter’ in vacuum is hidden.
This ‘dark mass- matter’ is not ordinary matter but ‘non normal’.
They say that more than 90% of the matter in the Universe
 is ‘non normal dark mass – matter’.
So, from ‘ virtual particles ‘ and ‘non normal dark matter ’ were
created  all billion and billion Galaxies, including our planet Earth
 and everything on it,  also including you, who reads  this email.
And because we don’t know what ‘ virtual particles ‘ and ‘dark matter’
 therefore we don’t have answer to the question: who am I ?
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus

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