What are we talking about ?
a) We don't know what 'virtual particles' are,
b)  we don’t know what electron is,
c)  we don't know what water is,
d) we don't know what entropy is,
e)  we don’t know what inertia is . . . . .etc
The concept of virtual particles are . . . 'an approximation scheme'

why electron has six (6) formulas and many theories ?
Nobody knows.

"Water is still not fully understood, although it is the basis
of our existence. I expect more surprises to be discovered
in the future."
/ SLAC scientist Anders Nilsson. /
"In my view, the work on water is yet another example of the
actual complexity of matter, this time within a simple liquid.
Modern X-ray work appears to be triggering a new understanding
of liquids and we may have only seen the beginning of a paradigm
shift in our understanding."
/ Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory director Jo Stöhr. /

http://phys.org/news134058290.html -- June 30, 2008

Henry Poincare named the conception of "entropy "
as a " surprising abstract ".
Lev Landau (Dau) wrote:
" A question about the physical basis of the
entropy monotonous increasing law remains open ".
Nobel laureate in chemistry 1909 Wilhelm Ostwald
wrote that the entropy is only a shadow of energy.
The mathematician John von Neumann said to
"the father of information theory" Claude Shannon:
" Name it "entropy" then in discussions
you will receive solid advantage, because
nobody knows, what "entropy" basically is ".

Someone wrote:
“An old professor of mine used to say
that anyone who can answer that question
what inertia is , would win a Nobel Prize. “
! !
What are we talking about ?
We are talking about   so called  'philosophy of science'.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik.  Socratus
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