Consciousness = subject + object = subjective world + objective world

Nice physics, very erudite, but If there's no subject, then 
there's no consciousness.  But if you include a subject, the consciousness
problem is trivial. You don't to keep having conferences about the
"mystery" of consciousness. It's only a mystery if you have lweft the
subject out of the picture.

Like it or not , Idealism is the only philosophy that takes mind seriously,


and Leibniz was the only philosopher to rationally solve
the mind/body problem. It's only the "hard problem"
if, like Chalmers, you are a meterialist and
subjectivity is not in your vocabulary.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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>"In this Ph.D. thesis, I investigate the communication abilities of 
>non-inertial observers 
>and the precision to which they can measure parametrized states. I introduce 
>quantum field theory with field quantisation, and the definition and 
>transformations of 
>mode functions in Minkowski, Schwarzschild and Rindler spaces. I introduce 
>theory by discussing the nature of information, defining the entropic 
>measures, and highlighting the differences between classical and quantum 
>information. I 
>review the field of relativistic quantum information. We investigate the 
>abilities of an inertial observer to a relativistic observer hovering above a 
>black hole, using the Rindler approximation." 
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