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Atheists are usually just slightly more dishonest when talking like if science was on their side, which is a mockery of what is science at the start.

Atheists think science is on their side because the common monotheisms demand faith in ancient myths and they murdered and tortured people for teaching what is now common scienctific knowledge.

You might confuse religion and clericalism.

And you might confuse mysticism and religion.

I don't think there is scientific knowledge per se. Only beliefs which might or not be true. Only when refuted we can bet they are locally false.

Like the Earth is flat and has four corners? Like rain is water that is not held back by the firmament? Like disease is caused by impiety and sin? Like God punishes mankind with death for having sought knowledge?

Religion has the exact same job assignment as science, to make sense of the world, that's why science and religion can never co exist peacefully. Science changes its stories based on better evidence, religion writes its stories on stone tablets.
      --- Bob Zannelli

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