Political correctness is likely to get you killed. 

We are all naturally racists. Blame it on Darwin. Zenophobia -- 
fear or dislike of outsiders--is what has allowed us to survive. 

Unfortunately the liberalized dictionaries I can find online refer
to it as "abnormal" or "irrational".  Is it abnormal to be
cautious in the presence of strangers ? The left refers to
such feelings as "politically incorrect". But I don't think it
is irrational for a mother to tell her children not to talk to strangers, 
no matter what their color.

We instinctively, for our own safety, are somewhat fearful
and unfriendly to strangers, no matter what their color. 
Jesus said to love our neighbors, but he didn't say to
go looking for strangers to love.

So IMHO political correctness is likely to get you killed.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
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