Leibniz's final causation as the Self, the active agent of change  

So far, materialistic models of the mind, such as Dennett's, 
are essentially passive.  There is no internal active agent of change,
which one might call the Self. 

The internal active agent of change is desire, which we might
define as a mismatch between the current state and a goal.
In other words, the internal active agent of change is final
causation, which has been discussed by Leibniz as typical of
life, and also by Aristotle in his four basic causes of change.

This desire to achieve a personal goal appears mentally as
an intention, which is the active agent of change.  This is what
we call the Self, and is the missing element of AI as well as 
current models of the mind.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000] 
See my Leibniz site at 

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