On 9/2/2013 9:48 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    "Finally, there was a pronounced difference in the effect of regressing out
    *spontaneous* activity on the left SMC BOLD-behavior relationship with 
    versus *spontaneous * force variability. With *spontaneous* force 
    regression of *spontaneous* (right SMC) activity all but eliminated the 
left SMC
    BOLD-behavior relationship. In contrast, with instructed force variability
    regressing out *spontaneous* activity increased the significance of the 
left SMC
    BOLD-behavior effect. This improvement in significance suggests that 
regression of
    *spontaneous* activity removed noise that was independent of the 
    effect in the instructed condition. This finding is important as it shows 
that an
    ipsilateral response alone is not sufficient to eliminate the BOLD-behavior 
    by regression as seen with*spontaneous* force variability.

    *In summary, there are three pronounced differences between spontaneous and
    instructed force variability in the current experiment: (1) the reversal of 
the time
    course magnitudes, (2) the difference in the timing of the significant 
    effect, and (3) the difference in the effect of regressing out spontaneous 
    As such, we can be relatively confident that spontaneous and instructed 
    variability represent distinct phenomena in the current experiment. "*

The study speaks for itself. What I think it means is what the researchers also think it means. I don't know what you could imagine it would mean otherwise. Spontaneous is used here in an ordinary way, not in some obscure medical jargon which somehow actually means "anything but spontaneous". The whole experiment is about isolating spontaneous activity from other types of activity which respond to known conditions.

You are welcome to explain exactly what you think this study shows in your terms, but don't bother if you are just going to throw out unsupported opinions.

It's just like my clock. Every couple of days it gets some external stimuli: I wind it up. In between its activity is all spontaneous.


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