On 9/2/2013 11:45 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
Is it scientific?

As a general principle, determinism is meta-physics. I doubt that it can be strictly falsified because every possible test depends on auxiliary hypotheses which one might be willing to give up before declaring a general metaphysical principle was invalid. But in the sense of having the preponderance of evidence against it, determinism has been falsified. Quantum mechanics showed experimentally that no *local* deterministic theory can be right. So the principle of determinism conflicts with the principle of localism (no faster than light signaling). Determinism can be saved by introducing non-local theories, like Bohmian quantum mechanics or Everett's multiple worlds. So it comes down to which model seems best. Bohmian quantum mechanics can't seem to deal with quantum field theory. Multiple worlds is vague on some questions, e.g. basis, but is still promising.


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