On Sat, Sep 21, 2013  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>  And the, what is the meaning of "computation is physical"?

Which word didn't you understand?

> It looks to me that this consists in single out some universal system and
> declare that only running it makes things real.[...] What does mean
> "physical"?. I don't take that notion for granted.

I'll explain what "physical" means just as soon as you explain what "real"
means, and what "means" means.

>>  So your great discovery is that you don't know what the end of a
>> computation will be until you come to the end of the computation.
> Some have said exactly this to Feynman for his sum over histories
> formulation of QM. It is the same problem, with similar conclusions, and
> both are testable and comparable.

Feynman's theory said the magnetic moment for the electron should not be
exactly 1 as had been thought but 1.00115965246, what number does your
theory say it should be?

> You have study only 2/8 of part UDA,

True, I have only read the first 2 steps (or maybe it was 3, I forget) of
your Ulster Defense Association proof, but proofs are built on the
foundation of what comes before, so when one comes upon a ridiculous
blunder in step 2 (or maybe 3) it would be equally ridiculous to keep
reading. And in none of your writings do you factor in the IHA principle.

> and 0/8 of AUDA, so you might try to be cautious in your judgment.

I don't see how friend of Lawrence of Arabia, Auda ibu Tayi, is relevant to
our conversation.

  John K Clark

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