...these are a few of my favourite things!

In the 12/10/13 issue of "New Scientist", in an article entitled "All or
nothing?" I read that "certain aspects of the behaviour of [high
temperature superconductors] are much easier to capture using the
mathematics of string theory."


"every state of matter matches up with a gravitational scenario that can be
described using (...) string theory. Superconductors can be understood as
stars made of charged particles and (...) Higgs bosons. Classical liquids
can be modelled using the mathematics of black holes that do not have spin
and have no electric charge."

That struck me as rather mind-boggling. How can a theory of 10 (?)
dimensional space-time and vibrating strings relate stars to
superconductors, etc? (And are there other parallelisms waiting to be
discovered - other physical phenomena that are mathematically identical
when they go through the looking glass, as it were?)

This seems to me to be saying something profound about reality. I just wish
I knew what it was.

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