Another way of approaching human emulation.

Step 1: Manufacture an inexpensive biofeedback monitor that you plug into 
your internet enabled device.

Step 2: Braindora reads up your personal data and compares it against a 
huge database of other people’s data, looking for matches.

Step 3. Meanwhile, Braindora keeps monitoring what you are looking at 
online while it tracks your brain data, comparing your history of what you 
find and how it makes you feel. Matches that correlate to mood improvement, 
on both a short term and long term basis are flagged.

Step 4: Braindora offers to take over your web browsing, steering your 
computer/TV/Ipod/game system automatically to sources which are most 
statistically likely to be successful in improving the indicators in 
‘people who probably feel like you do’.

Step 5: Customers, who are now virtually incapable of being bored, can go 
to the next level and browse social networks for bio-compatible matches in 
the same way.

Step 6: Gradually all lifestyle decisions can be ported to the system, 
ensuring that that everything that you eat, buy, do, or experience is 
optimized at least a little better than you could do on your own.

Step 7: The entire process will be recorded and fed back into the system so 
that it can be compressed into an algorithm which can be pushed back to the 
customer’s transcranial magnetic stimulation device.  As a result, everyone 
will feel like they have a great and constantly improving life, even as 
they degenerate into pulpy masses of human squash.

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