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> On 31 October 2013 12:13, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
>> Of course if there are 7 billion people it's more likely there will be
>> survivors than if there are only few million.  But an asteroid strike could
>> easily be big enough to wipe-out all terrestrial life bigger than
>> bacteria.  We have the concept now, but we don't have any ability to do
>> anything about it and we probably still won't fifty years from now.
> But we might in 100 years, or 200, if we continue to advance
> technologically, which still gives us a good chance of averting any
> impending impacts. Whereas if we revert to, say, a Medieval level of
> technology, we'll have no chance whatsoever.

I agree with this, though I have a more optimistic view of the time frame
involved.  There is of course, still a great danger we meet some calamity
and fall into another dark age, but I think if we can make it another 30-40
years we will arrive at the point where technology can save us and the

Also, there is a nice rendering of such an impact for those who haven't
seen it: http://www.boreme.com/posting.php?id=18959


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