On 10/31/2013 3:55 AM, Telmo Menezes wrote:
I believe there's an important aspect of this type of discussion that
is rarely considered. This sort of thing takes almost a religious tone
where we are supposed to feel guilty. I'm very suspicious of this sort
of thing. I was indoctrinated by catholic sunday school to feel guilty
about things that I didn't even yet understand. This type of discourse
has a similar smell.

I agree with that. But just because we aren't guilty, doesn't mean we can't do anything to redress the problem.

Neither you, Brent, nor me, nor anyone in this list is at fault.
There's nothing we can do to prevent this. I would argue for a more
radical idea:_nobody_  is at fault. There isn't a single human being
that has the power to revert the way in which our species operates.
Again, I don't mean to make a political point and defend or condemn
certain ideologies. I mean to make a biological point: we are not
social insects. We are somewhat altruistic but by far not as
altruistic as super-sister ants. This is just how we evolved. We don't
know for how long we'll be able we'll be able to survive as a species
and we can't stop being human. The earth won't care. If we go extinct,
other species will take our place. Or not. In the great scheme of
things, does it really matter?

Does anything matter in the great scheme of things? I don't know. I care about what matters to me.

"It does not matter now that in a million years nothing we do now will matter."
    --- Thomas Nagel

Meanwhile, we seem to be rather special children of the Universe, in
the sense that we are a mechanism by which the Universe can
introspect: powerful telescopes, particle accelerators, these are all
part of the introspection. There's beauty in that, and ephemeral
things are even more beautiful.

Sorry for the moment of zen:)


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