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3. What do you recommend if the US refuses to comply?

?? You mean the U.S. government refuses to act in the best interests of it's citizens: Vote them out.

We could have meant that the US government fake to comply. Once a government lie, and the press is no more free, you might miss the data to vote them out.

In the health politics, many governments refuse to act in the interests of its citizens, since a long time, but very few citizens realize this, because they are kept uninformed.

And so they think their interests are different than what you think they are. But that's different. In a democracy you want the government to act according the interests people hold, not what someone else thinks their interests should be. This is why a democracy only works well with an educated populace. But educated is a relative term. The world and technology becomes more complex and what you can really be educated in becomes a smaller and smaller fraction. In many things you have to rely on experts. But in spite of this, democracy still seems better than the alternatives.

Yes, I agree that democracy is better.
What is even better: democracy without bandits having got the power. In the case of health there has been and still exist a tradition of deliberate persistant desinformation. Prohibition is a democracy killer. That was well understood by the founders of America.



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