On 11/14/2013 7:19 PM, LizR wrote:
Hi Chris

I won't interleave my replies as I'm finding it quite confusing to follow who is saying what in reply to what, so apologies in advance if I miss anything.

The suggestion about synthesising petrol from the atmosphere is of course very hypothetical at the moment. Supposing it could be done, I do of course realise that this would be recycling. The reasons to do it (in the short term, and assuming it's possible) would be to avoid having to reconfigure the existing infrastructure that has been built up over decades to supply petrol to cars, boats, planes, power plants, etc. With almost any alternative fuel supply this would need a massive (and non carbon neutral) overhaul to much of the world.

Of course if you could do it reasonably efficiently, using say nuclear or solar power, then you could just make a lot more oil and petrol than is consumed and store the excess in underground reservoirs. This would be sequestration and reduce the net CO2 while using existing vehicles and infrastructure. It's an excellent idea - if you can get past that first step.


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