On 16 November 2013 10:44, Alberto G. Corona <agocor...@gmail.com> wrote:

> That is not a predicion that test the validity of a model. I can do the
> same with a program with then lines by adjusting three parameters.
> A real model would reproduce the evolution of ancient climates
> transitions, for example the initiation and evolution of the glacial era
> from well know paleoclimatic parameters, circulation of the oceans and
> shape of the continents, the solar cycles and the orbit of the earth the .
> Nut I'm  not talking about the prediction of the global parameters, (that
> ad hoc adjustment I can do it) . It must reproduce the changes in the ocean
> flows, the variations in extension of the polar ice caps,  not the mean
> temperature of the planet.
> The models are decades at least from reproducing that. Probably this may
> never will be possible.
> drop me a message back when this has been achieved.

Would you like that before or after the oceans swamp most of our farmland?

(PS I see you live nice and high above sea level. Talking the talk, eh? :)

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