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On 16 November 2013 09:54, Richard Ruquist <yann...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Liz, Global temperatures fell from 1950 to 1980 while CO2 atm content was
> rising. Can you explain that? Richard
> Why should I? This is a complex system with an uncontrolled experiment
running in it. Since I was born the CO2 has gone up 25%, that is a major
piece of unintended planetary engineering, the effects of CO2 on solar
irradiance are well understood, and on average the global temperature is
going up just as predicted. There is a real, measurable effect, as the
firefighters of Australia and the entire population of the Phillippines
(amongst many, many others already affected by it) can tell you. Denying
its existence means being blind to the data - the (hehe) cold, hard facts.
Questioning the *reason *for it is at least somewhat sensible, though
becoming less so as emissions increase more rapidly and temperatures do
likewise, by what must seem to some people like, wow, what an amazing
coincidence. The main question is, what (if anything) can we do about it,
preferably before the oceans above the thermocline warm the 2 degrees
required to bring gigatonnes of methane out of suspension?

PS on the subject of the plateau shown above - maybe those other factors
deniers are always going on about were involved? Pollution increasing the
Earth's albedo, solar cycles, something to do with the second world war or
nuclear testing, whatever? Show me a graph measured by NASA or the Arctic
Institute where the temperature (and preferably the CO2) go back to their
1900 level and you'll have something worth discussing.

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