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>  Why computer consciousness and artificial intelligence are impossible.
> Acccording to Bertrand Russell, there are two types of knowledge:
> a) Knowledge by description. It is common knowledge that Obama is president.
> Example: Computer code. Artificial intelligence. Third person singular.
> b) Knowledge by experience. You have met Obama.
> Example: Human perception. Human intelligence. First person singular.
> Computers cannot simulate human activities or experiences
> or consciousness because they have to deal in code, which
> consists of instructions or descriptions. Computers cannot
> deal in knowledge by experience, so they cannot experience,
> produce experiences, or understand experiences.
> Thus computer intelligence and artificial intelligence are impossible.
> Computers deal in code (third person singular). Only people and other
> living entities can deal in experiences or be conscious (first person 
> singular.)
> So only humans and other living entities can be conscious or be truly 
> intelligent.
> Thus artificial intelligence is impossible
> This is the "Chinese Room argument", thinly disguised. It basically says
there is / are some special properties that organisms have that computers
can't have. Or to put it another way, it says that consciousness is not a
form of computation.

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