On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Gabriel Bodeen <gabebod...@gmail.com>

> So in the event that somebody actually does make AI, please recall this
> and consider your [ Roger B Clough's] philosophical system to have been
> falsified.

It's already been falsified. At one time everybody on the planet agreed
that solving equations, playing a great game of chess, being a superb
research librarian, or winning at Jeopardy required intelligence; but when
computers got better at those tasks than humans suddenly they didn't
require intelligence anymore. It seems that the definition of
"intelligence" is whatever computers still aren't good at, and thus the
number of tasks that require  "intelligence" shrinks rather dramatically
every year. Right now image recognition still requires intelligence and is
a key to our humanity, but in 10 years, possibly 5, that will all change
and Roger B Clough will be saying that image recognition has absolutely
nothing to do with intelligence.

  John K Clark

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