On 12/2/2013 2:18 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
You seem to have assumed the task is to find something label with the word "God". I say let us be modest and use words for what we know.

Let us be genuinely modest. We know about nothing, and all we can do is agreeing on some axioms.

A logicians conceit.  We can agree ostensively.

Be it point, line, and god, reality, etc.
Thats why Gödel provided a proof of the existence of God. By formalising St-Anselm definition of God, he illustrates the idea that we can be serious (modest, scientific) when doing theology.
Is the God of Gödel coherent with comp?

St Anselm's proof is not a proof of the God of Abraham. Like you he, and Godel, use the word God to imply a person, but the argument doesn't prove a person or even a singular.


This would mean we can do the Gödel proof in S4Grz, and I doubt this, so we can search now if the machine believes in a slightly different notion than St-Anselm/Gödel.

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