On 18 Dec 2013, at 09:47, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

Depends on the problem you're considering, I think it can lead to a
society with more individual freedoms, for example.

I don't think it can... can you give argument how bitcoin would achieve that ?

Bitcoin was not deflationist at the start, and its future is uncertain, but its value was relying on the selling of drugs and weapons, for which the demand is high. When politcians lies, bandits does the correct things, in the incorrect ways, and bitcoins naturally made that type of merchanding more secure. Its value beginning to fall due to the hardness to keep the weapons merchandising.

Banks seems to be interrelated, and the money is 60% based on lies, (I think currently), so any competing "free" banks can be welcome.

There is no real solution of the economic problem, except to educate people in arithmetic and logic so that they stop voting for bandits and demagog. Well, that might be to late, and we can only hope the bandits will manage some amnesty and stop doing their work, but for this we must abandon the laws which create that type of banditism first.

Bitcoins and much variants (like namecoin) will develop, and we might see even typed money system (money for research, monnaie for food, etc.).

A system that enrich its creator cannot be good.

I sort of agree with you, at some level, but the creator needs to eat the braid too, at least when confined in its poor terrestrial configuration :)

But the non-creator, or during his lack of inspiration, needs the braid too, and we should not forget that.



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