On 19 December 2013 08:01, Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:

> 2013/12/18 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be>
>> On 18 Dec 2013, at 09:47, Quentin Anciaux wrote:
>> Depends on the problem you're considering, I think it can lead to a
>>> society with more individual freedoms, for example.
>> I don't think it can... can you give argument how bitcoin would achieve
>> that ?
>> Bitcoin was not deflationist at the start,
> Yes it was and is... the number of bitcoins are finite and fixed over
> time... There will be at most 21 millions bitcoins in circulation for
> ever... a lost bitcoin is lost *forever*...
> I don't know much about bitcoins. Why are they limited to 21 million, and
if one is lost, why can't it be recreated?

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