On 27 December 2013 07:06, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Jason, and Bruno,
> I went through Bruno's paper which is interesting but speculative and
> based, as he admits, on a number of unestablished assumptions.

Unlike a theory that there is a common present moment, and that the present
moment moves through some extra time dimension, you mean? :-)

Bruno's assumptions are made explicit. Mainly they involve the idea that
consciousness is a form of computation at some level.

> Again the basic problem I see is that this is all a theory constructed of
> human math with no reason to believe any of it applies to the actual real
> math that computes reality.

You will need to explain what that means. All maths has been discovered by
humans; all maths is part of a system that fits together and kicks back in
various ways. Making this distinction sounds to me like a meaningless label
with no philosophical traction.

> Reality continues to merrily compute the current state of the universe
> with no problems whatsoever in spite of all human mathematicians' theories.

Or it doesn't, depending on how reality works. ("God continues to sustain
the universe no matter how many atheists deny his existence...")

> Can anyone give me any empirical evidence at all that any of Bruno's
> theory actually applies to any of the computational structure of reality? I
> don't mean whether its a valid mathematical theory or not. I mean look and
> examine what reality is actually doing and tell me if it's actually doing
> what Bruno postulates it is. That after all is the only scientific test....

Yes, apparently that has been done, and some features of reality have
indeed been extracted from comp. I will let Bruno explain the details.

I await with interest any empirical evidence supporting the theory that
reality is being continually computed, and any actual results that
differentiate that theory from existing theories which don't postulate
this. That is after all the only scientific test.

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