On 12/27/2013 10:31 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

    To that I would add the purely epistemic "non-intepretation" of Peres and 

"No interpretation needed" -- I can interpret this in two ways, one way is to just take the math and equations literally (this leads to Everett), the other is "shut up and calculate", which leads no where really.

        2. Determined by which observer? The cat is always either dead or 
alive. It's
        just a matter of someone making a measurement to find out.

    So are you saying that before the measurement the cat is neither alive nor 
    both alive and dead, or definitely alive or definitely dead?  If you, (and 
I think
    you are), saying that the cat is always definitely alive or definitely 
dead, then
    about about the radioactive atom? Is it ever in a state of being decayed 
and not
    decayed? If you say no, it sounds like you are denying the reality of the
    superposition, which some interpretations do, but then this leads to 
    explaining how quantum computers work (which require the superposition to 

    Superposition is just a question of basis.  An eigenstate in one basis is a
    superposition in another.

Can you provide a concrete example where some system can simultaneously be considered to be both in a superposition and not? Is this like the superposition having collapsed for Wigner's friend while remaining for Wigner before he enters the room?

?? Every pure state can be written as a superposition of a complete set of basis states - that's just Hilbert space math.

The collapse for Wigner's friend can be interpreted either epistemically or by 

Anny: What happened to that poor cat? It looks half dead.
Erwin: I don't know. Ask Wigner.
Eugene: I just looked in and it collapsed!

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