On 30 December 2013 06:16, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Begin by Imagining a world in which everything is computational. In
> particular where the usually imagined single pre-existing dimensional
> spacetime background does NOT exist.

How would this work? What is doing this computing, and how and where is it
doing it? Computation is generally considered to be a time-based operation,
a series of rule-governed state transitions. It also appears to require
some form of space (e.g. Turing's "infinite tape" and state table) in which
the machine state and the input and output are to be stored. The only way I
know of to not assume space and time as a fundamental background is Bruno's
idea that computation can be made to operate "indexically" inside
arithmetical realism. Are you proposing something like that? If so, please
elaborate. One cannot just "imagine a world in which everything is
computational" - to have an ontology based on computation, one needs a
framework which starts from the nature of computation and explains how it
can be instantiated without any supporting structures (like time or

Once you've explained and justified this initial assumption, we can proceed
to the next step in your argument.

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