Might I respectfully suggest the following:

1) That when you have an "obvious" intuition or brilliant stroke of insight 
that goes against a century or more of insight from the most distinguished 
physicists and

2) That when you are unable to operationalize your intuition in such a way 
that other people could perform an experiment to see what you are saying is 
true and that it does in fact go against the received wisdom then...

You might reconsider the merit of your originally amazing intuition and ask 
yourself if you might not in fact be in error and/or suffering from a bit 
of self-deception. Yes, it does seem quite "obvious" and "self-evident" 
that we all share a single present, I absolutely and utterly agree with you 
here. However, I also appreciate the various thought experiments put 
forward by Einstein originally and now by other (quite sharp) people on 
this list pointing out how this intuition simply cannot be true. These 
thought experiments have later become actual experiments whose results have 
agreed, not with our incredibly clear and obvious intuition, but with the 
very counter-intuitive predictions that Einstein provided.

I'm not going to hash out more examples. I don't think it's necessary. I've 
included some links you might want to read at the end. What I think is 
happening though is you might be deceiving yourself a bit in thinking that 
you are so brilliant in arriving at insights that absolutely no one else 
has come to, and you are kind of starting to come across like this 

If you really want to understand behavior of the physical world we live in 
(or apparently physical, but actually computational, a la Bruno), maybe try 
these links out: 




Peace out,

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