Dear John,

On 30 Dec 2013, at 03:11, John Mikes wrote:

We 'use' practical conclusions - yet should not draw final and universal ones on a totality we don't know. Call it Scientific humility.

I partially agree/disagree here.

We cannot draw "final conclusion".
I do agree with this, as we never know as such, and should doubt all our theories.

But we can, in the frame of some theory, draw locally "final" and universal conclusions. We must just keep in mind that they rely on the choice of a theory, and keep in mind that a theory is really "a question", and we must be willing to test and change the theory.

If not, your statement becomes a quite strong impossibility statements of fundamental theories. But science (agnosticism) should not be bounded purposefully, as this will just impose the last (often unconscious) fundamental theory on everybody. or worst it leads to instrumentalism, and to techniques without conscience (and human shit happens, in those case).

That leads also to cutting the budget for fundamental research, which is already not big ...


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