On 20 January 2014 03:03, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Could an uploaded brain running on a deterministic computer act
> irrationally or creatively? (assuming it's entire source code was open
> source and it had no access to enviromental randomness)

According to comp it could, because it's equivalent to a brain.

Aside from that, it could of course act irrationally. Although I don't even
know how to define rational or irrational behaviour. Maybe someone could do
that sometime!

Creatively - why not? Although I'm not sure about the environmental
randomness clause - it would probably need to interact with a virtual world
in order to act in any way at all, so the virtual world would have to also
be deterministic. But according to QM+MWI the world *is* deterministic...

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