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> it is not so clear to me that it has no intelligence. It
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> leads to better and better designs,

​If Evolution has intelligence it sure doesn't have much, despite the
resources of the entire planet at its disposal Evolution was incredibly
slow and sloppy in getting its work done; but it was the only way complex
things could get made until it finally invented brains after 3 billion
years of screwing around.

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> my point is that what makes this a "bad idea" is our own
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> evolutionary context. Why is it a bad idea exactly? It becomes
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> tautological. It is a bad idea because it hurts your ability to pursue
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> goals dictated by evolution.

​The only goal dictated by Evolution is a vague command to figure out a way
to get your genes into the next generation, and just like the vague laws
that humans make that leaves plenty of room for interpretation, unintended
consequences, and loopholes.

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> Outside of evolution, why would an entity
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> not choose the easy way out?

​Any intelligence regardless of if was produced by Evolution or by human
engineers or even by God would have a constantly shifting goal structure
depending on environmental circumstances. Even your iPhone has, in a sense,
a goal to continue working, so personal survival would certainly be a goal
for any brain even if it isn't guaranteed the permanent #1 position. Just
like with people I expect that with a AI survival would usually, although
not always, take the #1 slot.  But for some some AIs just like with some
people, the mindless pursuit pleasure could be #1 , but I don't see why
that would be more common in a AI than it is in a person unless the
electronic version is far more powerful and addictive than the chemical we
call crack. But could the electronic version really be that much more
powerful and additive? I don't know, maybe it's possible. If it is then
that explains the Fermi Paradox.

Although we're using different language I think we may agree more than we

 John K Clark   ​

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