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            *This I find troubling. We have two fundamental physical
            phenomenon, gravity and EM, and they seem to have no
            intrinsic relationship between each other. AG

            They have more relationship than they did when Maxwell
            discovered EM.  It was purely a field on a fixed
            background.  So you've been troubled since 1862.

            Under GR the EM field is a source of gravity and hence
            warps spacetime; and warped spacetime deflects EM waves.


        *Good perspective on the situation. OTOH, for Newton movement
        is caused by an attractive force, whereas for Einstein it's
        caused by the advancement of time. So, IMO, the mystery of
        movement in a gravity field persists. AG*

    I am not exactly sure why you are stuck on the idea that the
    advance of time causes motion.

*Because in the absence of a force causing non-geodesic motion, the increase in time results in a change in spatial position since in the equations of motion, spatial coordinates are not independent variables; they depend on time IIUC. AG*

You seem to have a confused concept of "cause".  To say time causes motion is like saying being different places at different times causes motion.


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